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MANINGCOL was legally created as an INDEPENDENT BARANGAY, by petition and Resolution submitted by the early settlers of Barangay.

The first Barangay Lieutenant of Maningcol was Juan Selda. His councilors were Baldomero Manlises, JR Esmeraldo Delos Martinez, Luciano SoSA, Marcelo Sotto, Jesus Mahaguay and Venancio Mahaguay.


In 1996, Mr. Selda was succeeded by the Marcelo Delmo with Councilors, Ricardo Sosa, Pepito Palomares, Francisco Malungay and Marciano Malungay.


In 1968, Mr. Delmo was succeeded by Pepito Palomares, his councilors were Antonio Mahaguay, Esming Dels Martinez, Celsp Sarmiento and Baldomero Manlises.


It was on the year 1970, when Lt. Odegario Paderes  succeeded Mr. Palomares, his Councilors were Ricardo Lianes , Juan De Belen. Antonio Mahaguay, and Felecisimo Lolong.


The six year term of Barangay Officials begin on the term of Antonio Mahaguay in 1972, His Councliros were Juan De Belen, Ricardo Mahaguay, Jesus Ondoy, Ben Zoleta, Isidro Mayores and Teofila Soriano.


Mr.Mahaguay was succeeded by Timoteo in the election held in 1989 his councilors were Miguel Villavicencio, Rafael Ondoy, Pablito Familara, Antonio Mahaguay, Rosita Romero and Epifanio Real.


Under the leadership of Mr. Catapang ,3 classroom were contructed and named Maningcol Primary School. Also several deep wells elected. He was succeeded by Epifanio Real on his death and Apolonio Mahaguay was appointed Councilors. During the term of Mr. Real several Infrastructures projects were constructed which include: 3 waiting shed, 2 barangay market and several deep wells  among others.


In 1994, Mr. Real was re elected as Barangay Chairman and his Councilors were Renato Real, Oldarcio de Belen, Winfredo Halamanan, Romeo Delos Martinez, Edgardo De Lara, Pablito Familara, Edgardo De Lara and Virgilio Sosa. Several projects were constructed during his term such as 2 basketball courts, barangay stage, barangay market, concrete road going to dumpsite, deep wells, culvert installation, additional class-rooms and school toilets, office furniture/fixtures in the barangay.

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